What We Do

Soccer club

Wants children to be able to
continue playing soccer.


Family facing financial hardship

Even if there are financial difficulties,
the child can continue playing soccer.

Financial aid system to support children who cannot continue playing soccer due to financial reasons.
We will give each child who wants to continue playing soccer a fair chance and nurture future star players.

If you are a family member of such a child or relevant representative of a soccer club,
please feel free to contact us for enquiries about the grant.

What we do

As expenses related to soccer SGD 1,000 * No repayment obligations.

Criteria for application

  • Under 18 years of age at the time of application.
  • Applicant belongs to a soccer club and cannot continue playing soccer due to financial reasons.
  • Applicant must have recommendation letter from their soccer club.
  • The soccer club that the applicant belongs to must be affiliated with Edmílson Funds Asia.
  • Please contact the foundation if you do not belong to an affiliated soccer club.

Required documents

  1. STEP01

    Grant application

    • Grant Application
    • Essay (reasons for wanting to continue playing soccer/ 400 words/ Free style)
    • Parent's / Parents' payslip(s) or CPF statements for last 3 months
    • Recommendation letter and Proof of enrollment from soccer club (Free style)
    • Copy of Parent and child's ID
    • Copy of child's Birth Certificate

    Download form

  2. STEP02
    First selection
    Submitted application
    Second selection
  3. STEP03

    Grant provision

    No repayment obligations.

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