Social issue

Why we exist
future possibilities
for children

A society where, through soccer, everyone can dream.

Edmílson Funds Asia supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).
Poverty is still widespread in Asia and many children live in harsh environments.
Even though they may love soccer, they have to work to help support their family.
They are often left with no choice but to leave the club and give up soccer due to financial difficulties.

We want to tackle social issues by alleviating hardships caused by poverty and change the environment for these children.

By giving these children a fair opportunity to continue playing soccer, we can support their dreams and in the process nuture future players and talents.

Environment we provide

  • Funds for playing soccer

    Financial support for children
    who might otherwise have to give up soccer
    for financial reasons.

  • Friends and supporters

    Children can learn soccer while being
    surrounded by teammates and people
    who support their dreams.

  • Growth opportunities

    Using soccer to build character and
    empower children to tackle life's