Edmílson Funds Asia is engaged in various activities
such as club activities and soccer clinics to support children who want to play soccer.

  • Crowdfunding
    2022.8 Crowdfunding
    • 2022.8


    We challenged crowdfunding for 90 days from May 2022 to support children who have given up football for financial reasons. We achieved the target amount of 250,000JPY and received 268,000JPY and support from 130 people. We sincerely appreciate the Big support and messages from many supporter. We will continue to our information on our activities through our website and SNS.


  • Special Online Event
    2022.7 Special Online
    • 2022.7

    Special Online Event

    We held a "online event" with Edmilson and Yoshiaki Hayashi. We talked how Edmilson and Hayashi met in Brazil, reason of Edmilson Funds Asia was established, the inside story of the 2002 World Cup and the future of the football in Japan, etc.

  • Press Conference
    2022.5 Press
    • 2022.5

    Press Conference

    We held a press conference to support children who cannot continue playing soccer for financial reasons. We announced the purpose of our organization, the details of our activities, the results of a survey of parents and children who quit club activities and lessons for financial reasons (survey cooperation: Musashino University Professor, Mr. Daigo Sato and Mr. Hiroya Takamatsu), and as a supporter or guest, Mayor of Shibuya Ward Mr. Hasebe, writer Mr. Hirotada Ototake, and representative of NPO Kids Door, Ms. Yumiko Watanabe.

  • Edmílson Soccer Clinic
    2022.5 Edmílson
    Soccer Clinic
    • 2022.5

    Edmílson Soccer Clinic

    We invited 54 children in Tokyo and held a football clinic with Edmilson. They enjoyed playing soccer with Edmilson, a former Brazilian national team player, through passing practice and mini games. After the clinic, Edmilson told the children that we want children to value the feeling of 'enjoyment' and have to create such an opportunity and environment."

    • Edmílson Soccer Clinic
    • Edmílson Soccer Clinic
    • Edmílson Soccer Clinic
    • Edmílson Soccer Clinic
  • 2019.4 Edmílson
    Soccer Clinic
    • 2019.4

    Edmílson Soccer Clinic

    About 140 children from the 4th grade to the 3rd grade of junior high school were selected by lottery to participate in a class taught by world renowned, top players including Edmilson. The children practiced passing and shooting to improve ball control and communication. After the clinic, there were photo-taking opportunities and a question-and-answer segment. Children with dreams of turning pro could ask the players questions.

    Through soccer, Edmilson wants the children to learn "the importance of having a dream", "the importance of continuing their efforts" and to "polish their manners and courtesies".

  • 2017.9 Club Activity
    • 2017.9

    Club Activity Support

    In Japan, the government has a system called school attendance support as financial support for children in poverty, but there is no support for club activities. Therefore, some children give up on the club activities they want to do. To support such children, we provided some of the equipment and supplies used in junior high school club activities, such as soccer, baseball, and volleyball, and covered some of the expenses required for the expedition.

Social issue

Why we exist
future possibilities
for children

A society where, through soccer, everyone can dream.

Edmílson Funds Asia supports the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGS).
Poverty is still widespread in Asia and many children live in harsh environments.
Even though they may love soccer, they have to work to help support their family.
They are often left with no choice but to leave the club and give up soccer due to financial difficulties.

We want to tackle social issues by alleviating hardships caused by poverty and change the environment for these children.

By giving these children a fair opportunity to continue playing soccer, we can support their dreams and in the process nuture future players and talents.

Environment we provide

  • Funds for playing soccer

    Financial support for children
    who might otherwise have to give up soccer
    for financial reasons.

  • Friends and supporters

    Children can learn soccer while being
    surrounded by teammates and people
    who support their dreams.

  • Growth opportunities

    Using soccer to build character and
    empower children to tackle life's